Who We Are

Geared For Worship exists to resource Worship Pastors and worship ministries with Ableton products, services and training.

Our Approach to Ableton is Centered Around Planning & Training


At Geared For Worship we have three ways to help any church, with any style of worship, at any level, from beginner to advanced. We are committed to helping take your music production knowledge, skills, and application to new levels. We exist to resource worship ministries and worship pastors in this quickly evolving part of worship and tech ministry.


PRODUCTS – Geared for Worship is continually developing practical and affordable resources to make working in Ableton easier. 

  • Templates – focus on a great starting foundation that gives you multiple points of control with controllers and iOS control. 
  • Tools – range for cues and clicks to resources for automating a large range of devices.
  •  Skins – provide visual tools to connect the templates to your MIDI Controller for a number of MIDI Controllers.

TRAINING – Geared For Worship understands that people learn in different ways and that for many immediate feedback is an effective method. We take the time to explain the “Why” as well as how to be most efficient.

SERVICES – Geared for Worship also provides personalized services that are customized to your needs. Whether you’re needing help getting started, needing help with large scale productions as you take care of the week to week or just in a busy season Geared for Worship can lighten your workload.

CONSULTING – Geared for Worship partners with your church to discover its current needs and your vision for the future to develop physical systems and workflows that best serve your needs.

Rob Sharp

Owner & Ableton Engineer

Rob Sharp is the owner and founder of Geared For Worship. He is a musician, teacher, and clinician. He has served in both large and small churches over the course of almost 20 years as an Instrumental Minister, Media Director, and Worship Pastor.

He has been a resource for years to many ministries and ministers in the world of Ableton Live and music production. He’s committed to aiding ministries in working more efficiently to be more effective and taking the fear and intimidation out of working with Live.