Focus More On Ministry & Less On Music Production

Are you intimidated by technology? Are you looking for a resource to guide you into the world of click tracks, stems and automation? We can help your organization with one on one training, services, playback system design, products and services.

How We Help

We provide you with services and resources that free up ministry time.

We believe every church is different and deserves a tailored a solution.

We provide you with a plan for your specific music production needs.

Looking for a Customized Ableton Solution?

Geared for Worship will work with you to develop an efficient workflow, create custom templates and provide a plan to implement the technology that is right for your church, your culture, and it’s vision.

What Our Customers Say

I can’t tell you the countless hours that I spent researching and learning how to best utilize Ableton Live in my church’s worship ministry. I only wish the training that Geared for Worship offers was available sooner. The tips, tricks, and tools that I learned from a two-day seminar with Rob has saved me a lot of time and helped to streamline the way I utilize Ableton Live. I would encourage you to put Geared for Worship to work for you so that you can focus on the important task ministry.
Kris Smith

Worship Minister, Carterville Baptist Church

Rob Sharp just gets it. He’s smart. He understands ministry. He understands context. He knows how technology works and its impact on the church. I would trust Rob with his knowledge in Ableton and automation in my ministry any day. He’s a wizard. I mean…he’s not the supernatural type…but he is super smart and immediately brings value to whatever situation he is put into.
Brandon Rogers

Media/Communications Director, First West

We hired Rob to build the tracks for one of our Night of Praise concerts. He also guided me through the process of setting up Ableton Live and taught me how to run it during the show. He saved me so much time and also trained me on how to build my own tracks in a way that was very easy for me to comprehend.
Greg Hall

Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church